Karaoke Music

All karaoke discs for sale on this website are brand new, unless indicated as “used” in the posting.

Most used discs are in excellent condition and may have been cleaned by a professional cd cleaning machine.

Code for used discs:

Excellent condition: Disc is in mint condition; looks and plays perfectly

Very good condition: Disc may have minor wear but plays fine.

Good condition: Disc may have some wear but plays well. 

Acceptable condition: Disc may have minor wear or some scratches, but usually not alot of scratches; Disc may have a minor problems with audio or graphics. Buyer of acceptable discs will be notified if any imperfections were found in audio or graphics and buyer has the option to cancel order if he chooses.  

All karaoke are cdg (cd with onscreen graphics on karaoke machines), unless otherwise noted.

All karaoke cdg’s are re-creations of popular songs, not the original recordings, unless otherwise noted.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. All karaoke cdg’s are guaranteed to be free of defects and in good working order. If a disc has an issue, seller will notify customer of the problem in advance, as with “acceptable” discs

Postage is 2.00 per disc or double disc. Sets may be more. International shipping may need a price adjustment. Please contact me before purchase.

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